Next Meeting: Please visit our Meetup page for the next event


Please visit our Meetup page to keep up to date on the schedule and to RSVP to the next meeting.

We’ll be meeting at MakerLabs for our next meeting, conveniently located at 780 East Cordova in Vancouver. MakerLabs is an awesome place, you should definitely visit.

We’ll be meeting online using Zoom. See the Meetup page for more details.

The beginning of each meeting we do a show-and-tell for everyone to give a short talk or demonstrate their current robot or electronics project. Be sure to bring something fun!

Our meetings start at 1:00 pm and run until everyone leaves, typically 2:30-3:00.



The Vancouver Robotics Club is a meeting place for people who like building robots. We have lots of information on available kits, part sources, electronic components, microcontrollers and computers. Members usually bring something interesting to each meeting. Our members are more than willing to help you with your questions or problems.



We can be found on Vancouver Robotics Club

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We also have a group on Yahoo: Vancouver Robotics

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Need more information? Contact Bob Cook or Markus Lampert.